I moved from California to Georgia three years ago to focus on writing full-time (well, that and other reasons). The life of a dedicated high school English teacher, and a full-time wife and mother, simply wasn’t conducive to achieving my writing goals, so I thought. However, in the time that I have lived this dream life, i.e. the life of a writer, I have not accomplished much.

Yes, I have a finished manuscript (though, that was done before I got here), have two other manuscripts at early stages of development, have queried the finished MSS, have entered contests for various short stories (which, I guess would be included as stuff I’ve accomplished while here in GA)…basically, I have done much of the stuff…

Still, I can’t help thinking–no, scratch that, KNOWING–I should be so much further along. The only reasonable explanation: Distractions.

Now that I am a full-time writer, I seem to find about a million other “things” I need to be doing. It seems just about everything–working out, cleaning house, grocery shopping…renovating shit that doesn’t even need to be renovated…competes with writing! I can’t for the life of me figure out how I used to accomplish so much more in my previous life with so little time to do it all.

Thus, I have done some soul-searching as of late, and have come up with the only possible conclusion, now that I have no life outside of family and writing, I have become a complete and total scatterbrain!

My inclination is to flog myself over this, but that would simply be another distraction; so I have decided instead to commit to a schedule. Yep! I must force myself into a regimented life. Create my own structure. Set goals. Impose deadlines. Basically, make writing a job.

No clue why it took me three years to figure this out, but here I go… will let you know how it works 😉

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