Last Week’s Totals…

So last week was a bit of a bust, only hit 1352 words.


Because I’m in the middle of building a greenhouse–another distraction–and while it looks amazing, it has pulled me out of my commitment just a little.

However, the thing about writing is, you are always writing even when you’re not physically writing. Your characters and story are forever playing through your head, and you hear their dialogue in whatever encounters you have throughout a day. It’s like they are suspended in their world waiting for you to come back and give them life, so they talk to you in everything you’re doing… Which is kind of good because when you’re at a particularly daunting part or encountering some sort of road block, allowing the story to just unfold in your mind while you are distracted, actually solves many of the problems you thought you had.

Thus, I am not beating myself up, but rather allowing the process to be what it is as long as I’m still writing something throughout the week. 🙂

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