Hard at Work

Been hard at work but haven’t bothered to give an update.

I’ve been back to revising my number one fave, and gonna start the querying process again! I tell ya, it is a difficult thing to not give up hope when the rejection letters are up into the double digits.

I understand all the reasons I’ve been given–it’s a tough market, your genre doesn’t sell, we need more diverse voices… blah, blah, blah, and all that would be fine, but what’s killing me, is no one will even give it a READ! These responses come from a 1 page query, but never from a manuscript read.

So I ask myself, how can I give up when the book hasn’t even been given a proper shot. It’s a great book. I know it is. The writing is solid. The story is solid. It’s got the laughter, the tears, the cheers, the oh my god, what!? and it keeps the pages turning. So why hasn’t someone given it a shot??? I don’t know, but thankfully there are so many writers out there that have been where I am, and are now successfully doing what they love.

Anyway, that’s what I got for now, so until the next time #amwriting & #amquerying, and leaning on my #writerscommunity & those #writerlifts, while living the #writerslife.

Much Love,


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