There is a certain beauty in suffering. For even when circumstances are tragic, there is a fragile filament of humanity that connects us to the victim, and even to the monster. They cannot be separated because it is the human condition to either spring forward from the challenges that shape our lives, or to wrap ourselves snuggly in their ugly robes. In either case, from the witness perspective, the living of a human life may be filled with suffering, but is always beautiful.

The stories I work to conjure are those that expose the measure of humanity. My current project, The Closet Monster, is the first in a collection of shorts entitled, The 10,000 Things. Like the Taoist tradition from which it is taken, each story branches out to explain the defining moment that brings each character to the place they are when we meet them in the first story.

Will keep you posted as collection progresses.

Live your best life!


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