Why do you write?

Because everything I see is a story; and because stories are distinctively human. They connect us, as readers and writers, as sympathizers, as learners, as witnesses—as people. When we are moved by the written word to cry, or laugh, or cheer, or cower, it is because the writer has made their imagined world so vivid that we have been transported there with them. That is a gift.

As a reader, I am grateful for the experience of that gift. I revel in the feeling that when, at the end of a great book, I am actually sad to let the characters go, because I know that they’ve touched me, they’ve changed me, and that I am a little better for having known them.

The writer has done that—gifted me with the magic of that connection. Like in some weird way, they wrote that story for me. In moments like this I am grateful the story was able to find its way into the world.

This is why I write. I write for the love of stories. I write for you.

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